In today’s competitive workforce, attracting top talent comes with a price. Your employee benefits package can be a dealbreaker to some (if not most) employees if it’s not top tier, which is why it’s crucial to offer a competitive benefits plan.

In fact, Workhuman’s latest Human Workplace Index revealed that a whopping 66% of employees are waiting to review their company’s new benefits offering before deciding whether to stay or leave their job in 2022. What’s more, the report found that 63% of those surveyed would leave their company if offered better benefits but less or equal pay.

At Mployer Advisor, we help solve the problem of second-guessing your benefits package by giving you the tools your company needs to succeed when standing out amongst top employers and other companies. That’s why we recently launched our Mployer Advisor Scorecard, or Employee Benefits Benchmarking Quiz, which compares and gives companies actionable insights on how your benefits package scores against similar employers nationwide.

How Our Scorecard Works

Our employee benefits scorecard is designed to give you the latest insights and provide a big picture or audit of how your benefits package compares to companies similar in size, region, and industry. This quick, five-minute quiz gives you customized recommendations for your benefits plan based on your scorecard grade, including final steps on how to improve or amend your current benefits package.

How Scorecard Grades Your Benefits Plan

Our employee benefits scorecard compares your company’s benefits package to others nationwide using national data trends from our Mployer Insights 2021 Benefits Report. Utilizing our industry-first data, the scorecard then grades your benefits offering based on healthcare options, PTO benefits, retirement plan offerings, life insurance packages and more.

Curious to see if your employee benefits package is above market standards?  

Click here to take our scorecard quiz and see how your benefits compare.