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We simplify the process of selecting and comparing insurance brokers near you.

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We created the industry´s first-ever independent rating, M Score, to easily evaluate brokers.

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Browse through thousands of trusted brokerages with confidence and ease.

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With over 15,000 brokerages on our site, find and evaluate top-rated insurance brokers in one place.

Our trusted insurance brokers offer coverage for every industry, insurance type, market, and size.

Founded with a purpose to add value to both employers and brokers

Employer Insights. Instant Industry Knowledge. Better Decision-Making.

Browse through thousands of trusted brokerages with confidence and ease.

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Market Employment Summary

Select by county to see the current unemployment rate, trends over time, and compare against state and national data.

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National Employment Summary

Check back monthly as new unemployment data arrives on a national level. Also compare against unemployment levels regarding education, race, and gender.

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Salary Benchmarking

Compare on a state and/or city level for compensation benchmarks in your industry.

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Broker Fee Benchmarking

See what similar companies are paying for broker costs.

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What Employers are Saying

Kevin T

Benfit Admin - Fort Lauderdale, FL

This is something sorely needed by HR folks who are researching who to turn to for help with benefits.

Emilee C, CPA

Financial Services - Austin, TX

Easy to search site to find a variety of brokers and learn more information about each. Would recommend them to kick off your broker search.

Gregory J

Small Business - Pittsburgh, PA

Comprehensive information about insurance for my small business. Good articles that helped me learn what I need to have without feeling like I'm getting a sales pitch.

Catherine D

HR Business Partner - Jacksonville, FL

A much needed tool that HR professionals have been looking for! Employer educational resources along with the ability to search for a broker that meets your company specific needs.

Heather A

Human Resources - Washington, DC

Mployer Advisor helps to take some of the guess work out of finding a new vendor and uses AI to help provide an M Score of different brokers based on a variety of factors based on breadth of experience.

Finding labor force data for your market and industry is hard. That’s why we made it easy.

Understanding labor trends will help your team make the correct decision

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