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  • Independent, proprietary Mployer Advisor score from 1-5 given to every insurance brokerage, higher the score the broader the brokerage’s experience
  • Helps employers evaluate an opaque insurance brokerage industry
  • Evaluates brokerage’s experience across employer sizes, insurance types and industries; each brokerage has a profile where they are encouraged to update their data

The M score is Mployer Advisor's opinion, driven by multiple algorithms that sit on multiple datasets and should be one of a few factors involved when picking a new insurance broker

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Cahaba Benefits Group, LLC is a full service benefits consulting firm serving employer groups and individuals. Our mission is to deliver greater client and employee satisfaction through superior service. The first step in getting affordable quality insurance is picking the right plan. The professionals at Cahaba Benefits Group, LLC assists customers through the process of choosing the best plans for groups and individuals. Our goal is to partner with our clients to design comprehensive and value based benefit pa...

Vestavia Hills Alabama

We are a regional insurance firm specializing in executive and employee benefits located in Huntsville, Alabama. Mike Priestley started in the life and disability insurance business in 1980 and has extensive experience guiding clients and building long-term relationships delivering customized benefits packages.

Huntsville Alabama

Tikia Consulting Group, Inc. provides brokerage and consulting services to clients in Louisiana and several other states. Tikia Consulting Group has an outstanding reputation for producing quality work. Founded in April of 1995 and based in Metairie, Louisiana, we believe that reputation must be earned. We work with small, mid-size and large employers, both in the private sector and government business. Products include fully-insured, minimum premium/contingency contracts and self-funded benefit plans. Besides ...

Metairie Louisiana

Insider Information for Employers

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Can I Negotiate Insurance Broker Fees and Commissions?

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What Analytics Should I Expect From My Insurance Broker?
28 February, 2020
What Analytics Should I Expect From My Insurance Broker?

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Group Health Insurance for Very Small Companies
28 February, 2020
Group Health Insurance for Very Small Companies

Why Do Small Businesses Offer Health Insurance Coverage to Their Employees If They Don’t Have To? Companies that have fewer than 50 full time employees are not presently required ...

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