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How does your company’s benefits package compare to companies like yours nationwide? In five minutes or less, Mployer Advisor’s employee benefits scorecard functionality can deliver an answer.  

Our employee benefits scorecard is the latest next-generation tool designed to provide a big picture look at how your company’s benefits package compares to companies similar in size, region and industry. Utilizing national data trends from Mployer Insights Benefits Report, the scorecard grades your company’s benefits package details such healthcare offerings, PTO benefits, retirement plan options, life insurance and more. 

Use the scorecard to get actionable insights such as: 

  • How your benefits package scores against similar employers nationwide using our exclusive Scorecard grading system  

  • Customized recommendations for your benefits plan based on your Scorecard grade  

  • Next steps in how to improve or amend your current benefits package 

How confident are you that your benefits package is above market standards? Ready to see how your company’s benefits package really stacks up? Click here to see if your company gets top marks.