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What Is Business Travel Accident Insurance?

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Published On: March 9, 2022

Business travel accident (BTA) insurance, also considered a voluntary benefit, protects employees and organization members when traveling for work. This type of insurance offers coverage against any financial burden that may arise if an employee is injured or even dies in a tragic accident. 

The main components of BTA insurance are accidental death and dismemberment; however, some forms of BTA insurance also include medical benefits and on-premise coverage. Employers pay premiums, but payouts go directly to employees or their beneficiaries. 


Who Needs Business Travel Accident Insurance? 

BTA insurance is recommended if your employees travel frequently, either for domestic or international trips. BTA insurance should even be considered if you take annual excursions with members of your team or the entire company.  

Typically, companies invest in BTA insurance to cover the potential loss they would bear if an employee is injured or even dies while traveling. These professionals could include high-level officials or key position holders whose loss could severely impact the company, but BTA insurance is also recommended for all traveling employees regardless of company rank. 

In specific, many travelers can benefit from this type of insurance, including: 

  • Journalists, war correspondents, or people who visit dangerous destinations for work 

  • Missionaries 

  • Frequent business travelers (both global and domestic) 

  • Government employees 

What’s more, business travel insurance mitigates all risks associated with local or international travel. Whether it is the loss of baggage, theft, illness, or trip cancellations, BTA insurance can offer protection against all mishaps. For that reason, providing this should afford traveling employees and employers peace of mind.  

Traveling for business can pose more risks than traveling for leisure, so BTA insurance addresses business travelers' unique concerns, including coverage for terrorism, kidnap and ransom, and emergency evacuation, among many others.  

What Do the Policies Cover? 

Every BTA insurance policy varies in coverage options, price, and additional benefits. Here are some common coverage options that business travel accident insurance includes: 

  • Natural disasters and terrorism  

  • Trip/baggage delays, interruptions, and cancellations 

  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) 

  • Flight accidents 

  • Ransom or kidnap 

  • Emergency evacuation 

  • Repatriation of remains 

Again, various policies have different limiting provisions; for instance, some BTA insurance plans may only cover air travel-related accidents. On the other hand, some BTA plans could stipulate a certain travel distance from home or travel to specific destinations before coverage kicks in. 

Why Business Travel Accident Insurance Is a Good Idea 

If your business requires employees to travel frequently, you should consider BTA insurance for your employees' financial well-being and protection–not to mention to safeguard your company from unnecessary expenses. In the absence of this insurance plan, any emergency, fall, or slip accident could cost your company thousands of dollars.  

BTA insurance protects your business by helping you avoid medical bills or expensive lawsuits. Of course, this type of insurance also protects your company’s greatest asset: your employees. 

Because traveling is unpredictable, BTA insurance eliminates the guesswork out of your employees’ business or paid trips. This coverage also allows both the employer and employees to focus on their work and enjoy a hassle-free trip, rather than worry about possible travel risks or repercussions out of their control. 

How to Get Business Travel Accident Insurance 

It doesn’t matter if you own a small local retail shop or a large manufacturing company, offering BTA insurance to your employees can protect your workforce–and your bottom line– against injuries and accidents.  

To obtain BTA insurance, work with your business insurance broker to discuss customized options appropriate for your industry and specific needs. An experienced broker can help employers find the right coverage for their unique needs.  

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