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A brokerage’s M Score is a proprietary rating from 1-5, higher the better.

The algorithm scores firms based on their experience across employer sizes, insurance products, industries and customer reviews.

Each category can be up to a few points. The broader the experience, the higher the score.

This score is our opinion based on internal data and algorithms and should be one of many factors used when evaluating a brokerage.

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Forest Insurance: Mc Dill Amanda is an insurance broker located in Forest, MS.
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Insider Information for Employers

The Employment Situation for June 2021
June 16, 2021
The Employment Situation for June 2021

Economic Recovery Continues for June 2021 The unemployment rate ticked down .3% last month bringing the total number of unemployed persons down by nearly 500k, which is an improvement over the somewhat disappointing jobs report release...

Market Employment Summary for May 2021
May 26, 2021
Market Employment Summary for May 2021

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its May 21st State Employment and Unemployment recap. The data revealed a very small reduction (.1%) in the unemployment rate across the country. A quarter o...

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Small Business Insurance: a Comprehensive Guide
May 21, 2021
Small Business Insurance: a Comprehensive Guide

There are approximately 30.2 million small businesses currently operating in the United States, co...

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For more than 30 years, Insurance Consulting Group, Inc., has been helping companies understand, and implement employee benefits and HR support. Our experienced benefit advisors design benefit plans that help our clients recruit, retain and reward employees. All the while keeping companies in Compliance under ACA (Affordable Care Act) Laws and Regulations.While our office is based in Memphis, our services are provided to our clients located nationwide.

Memphis Tennessee

Benefits Management Group is an experienced and highly effective company that will provide you with excellent administrative support and prompt, efficient claims service as well as courteous assistance to you and your employees.As an independent insurance agency, we have easy access to the products and services of many insurance companies. This gives us the ability to obtain the best products available at the absolute best prices for whatever insurance coverage is needed. Our innovative benefit solutions help our ...

Meridian Mississippi

Benefit Services Group has been serving the East Tennessee area since 1999. Our knowledgeable staff consists of licensed agents and human resource professionals capable of creating customized benefit solutions that fit your personal needs.

Maryville Tennessee