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Webinar Recap: ‘Generate New Business With the Next-Generation of Benefits Benchmarking’

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Published On: March 18, 2022

How do my benefits compare? It’s a question posed and repeated often by researching employee benefits buyers eager for data-driven insights and comparison tools to simplify their decision-making process.   

Data reveals that CFOs and HR buyers are overwhelmingly willing to meet with a new insurance advisor if that advisor can deliver actionable benefit benchmarking information.  

During the webinar, Brian Freeman, the Founder and CEO of Mployer Advisor, spoke with Thom Mangan, the Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Mployer Advisor, about the state of the benchmarking industry and opportunities for consultants and brokers to better educate and add value to employers today.  

Additionally, the panelists also discussed the limitations of traditional benchmarking reports before providing a detailed review of Mployer Advisor’s best-in-class 2022 Mployer Insights Benefits Report

Here are a couple of other highlights from the event: 

Data Sources  

Mangan walked the audience through Mployer Advisor’s industry-leading benchmarking during the webinar, specifically noting what separates the 2022 Mployer Insights Benefits Report from other benchmarking reporting. Not only does Mployer Advisor’s benchmarking offer a three-dimensional look (utilizing employer size, industry and geography), but also the report deliver data across 21 sectors, four employer sizes, and nine geographic regions.  

What’s more, the data sources for 2022 Mployer Insights include healthcare claims data, government information, proprietary modeling, employer-submitted data on Mployer Advisor’s platform, and more. 

A Cohesive Formula 

In his concluding remarks, Freeman delivered some guidance on how brokers should use the 2022 Mployer Insights benchmarking. Specifically, he discussed the importance of using baseline industry data and comparison tools–like the 2022 Mployer Insights Benefits Report–to complement your brokerage’s unique, tailored strategy. 

Eager to learn more?  

Click here to watch the free, on-demand webinar, “Generate New Business With the Next-Generation of Benefits Benchmarking.” Looking for more exclusive content? Check out the latest industry trends and news on the Mployer Advisor blog

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