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New Checklist Tool Advises Year-Round Communication Strategies for Brokers

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Published On: April 26, 2022

Nearly 60% of employers rely on brokers for help with their year-round communication strategies.  


As a broker, are your communication strategies up to par with what your new and long-valued clients seek? If not, it may be time to start handling communication efforts with more care and consistency. 


To help strategically implement communication best practices, Mployer Advisor created a downloadable checklist tool made entirely for employee benefits brokers.  


Our checklist “Year-Round Communication Strategies” is broken into three sections:  Initial Communication Efforts  

This section gives you a breakdown of what should be top of mind when showcasing your brokerage’s services.  During Onboarding 

    We provide you with best practices to welcome your new client onboard and ensure a smooth transition.  After Onboarding  

Lastly, we give you options to consider how you can communicate with clients year-round and demonstrate your brokerage’s value.  


More specifically, the checklist tool will detail: 

  • How to prepare your initial communication efforts for your consultation and follow-up calls. 

  • How to communicate with clients during onboarding through emails and welcome kits, as well as how to communicate during employee enrollment. 

  • Strategies on how to communicate year-round, including email campaigns and how to set reminders for yourself. 


Download our “Broker Checklist: Year-Round Communication Strategies” for top tips and tricks on how best to communicate with your employer clients.  


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