About Mployer Advisor

Our Mission

Connecting employers to great insurance brokers and advisors.

Our focus is on enabling employers to find the best benefits and insurance for their unique needs at a competitive price.

Savvy employer insurance buyers know that who you select as your insurance broker has a greater impact on healthcare cost and employee satisfaction than the choice of an insurance carrier. By bringing together both a quantitative focus with the industry's first brokerage rating, M Score, along with thousands of broker customer reviews, we are creating transparency for employers and at the same time recognizing top advisors. Analytics is our core and we will bring to light new information, tools and resources to support employers in making smarter, cost-effective decisions when choosing the right advisor. Our goal is for every employer to find the best insurance broker and or consultant for their unique needs. Giving choice and initial transparency is the first step.

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One Goal: Be an unbiased, independent resource for employers.

What drove us

Consistently rising employer costs

Little transparency for employers

Lack of resources for employers

  • Insurance brokers and consultants play a significant role in the economy and facilitate over $1T of employers' spend (5% of GDP).
  • Employers have limited information to make decisions when evaluating brokers; better insight yields smarter decisions.
  • Having an aligned insurance broker or consultant, with experience in your industry and size provides significant benefits for employers and employees from both a cost and quality perspective.
  • We strive to recognize the top performers and create greater transparency for employers to ultimately deliver better results for employers and employees.

Expertise for your unique business

What makes a top broker for you:

  • 1

    Relevant, Successful Experience.

    Each industry and employer size group has specific nuances, and there are strategies to be successful.  Make sure your partner has the right experience and outcomes for your unique needs.

  • 2

    Transparency in Compensation.

    Insurance advisors can be compensated in several ways depending on the type of insurance an employer offers their employees, e.g., self-funded or fully insured. No matter the model, having a complete understanding of how your advisor is compensated is critical, including fees, commissions, and any other contingent commissions or annual incentives.

  • 3

    Positive Experiences from other Customers.

    You depend on other people’s reviews in almost every other facet of your life. Do the same here. Search for your broker’s reviews on Mployer Advisor, ask your broker for references, do your research.


Our Core Values

Be a trusted, unbiased resource for employers.

Everything else is secondary. We have one mission, and we say it in our name. That is who we strive to be every day.

Aligned, trusted.

Trust makes everything simple; one mission, all aligned. We assume positive intent in all actions and we all strive to do what is right for the employer. Same team, same goals.

Continuously improve.

Today's best performance is tomorrow's baseline. We have a culture of continuous improvement. We digest new information, optimally position and take action - quickly. Our speed and execution will be unmatched.

Be positive and proactive.

This approach is what separates leaders from the crowd; genuine positivity attracts people and creates trust, proactive creates new value. 1+1 = 3.

Be the good.

We have one life to live, strive to make the world a better place. Whether at the office or home with our families, we all have one life and one amazing opportunity. Make the world a better place.

Be humble.

We all sweep the floors. If not me, who? If not now, when? That’s our culture. That approach is the essence of our team philosophy.

How Mployer Advisor Can Help You

Mployer Advisor makes it easy for employers to search for insurance brokers in their area and evaluate their options. In addition to broker information, we showcase unbiased reviews and a quantitative rating of each brokerage called an M Score. This score represents the broker’s experience across employer sizes, insurance types and industries.

Using industry-leading analytics, Mployer Advisor offers exclusive trademarked tools designed by employers for employers. Our goal is to help employers make the best possible decision when choosing a new insurance broker. Start your search today.

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