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Petra RMS
Birmingham, AL
Proprietary Rating

Petra RMS Birmingham is a local insurance broker serving the greater Birmingham region. The Petra RMS Birmingham office has an M Score of 5, which is the highest score possible based on positive customer feedback and a long history of experience with business clients. The Birmingham-Hoover, AL, area has over 26,000 employers that provide employee benefits and group health insurance for their employees. Petra RM offers medical insurance, voluntary benefits, and other services for all types of employers. Providing comprehensive medical benefits to employees and voluntary benefits can help to retain your employees. Petra RMS Birmingham specializes in providing third-party administration, employer group health insurance brokerage, and consulting. The company was established in 2003 by principals with extensive experience in the areas of employee benefits, third-party administration, and healthcare consulting. These principals can provide practical solutions for their clients. Petra RMS Birmingham is ranked as one of the top brokers in the country based on their client reviews. The employees at Petra RMS Birmingham also have experience with large corporations.

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If you're looking for an insurance company in the Montgomery area that will provide your organization with a comprehensive employee benefits plan, then look no further than BXS! BXS has years of experience in the Montgomery area and is able to meet the needs of all sizes of employers. BXS is a regional insurance brokerage firm serving several areas, with a local office in the Montgomery region. The BXs Montgomery office has an M Score of 5, which is the highest M Score possible based on wide experience with business clients and positive customer feedback. Top insurance brokers can provide insight or referrals on retirement plan choices, as well as HR policies and more. Their passion for helping clients drives them. It is why they provide their version of "exceptional" customer service. BXS Montgomery has an opportunity to improve its customer rating based on their reviews.

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J. Smith Lanier & Co, an insurance brokerage in Opelika, Alabama, provides voluntary benefits and medical insurance for middle-market companies in the area. They have access to broad resources and solutions across all companies under the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) banner. J. Smith Lanier & Co has served many local employers since 1948 with top performance in customer M Scores. They service small- and medium-size employers, assisting with all aspects of their benefit needs, including health insurance coverage and voluntary benefits, such as supplemental accidental death and dismemberment, dental, and vision care. J. Smith Lanier & Co is a national employee benefits and insurance brokerage firm that provides comprehensive guidance, products, and solutions to help clients effectively manage the cost of their workforce. Their team has expertise in group health, retirement plan, welfare benefit, homeownership assistance products, property/casualty programs, and claims management.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I find an insurance broker near Prattville?

Mployer Advisor lets you search for Prattville-area insurance brokers, advisors, or consultants in one place. Narrow your results at the top of this page by M Score rating, company size, the type of insurance you’re looking for, or even your industry.

How are insurance brokers in Prattville paid?

Most often business insurance brokers are paid through commissions and fees. Small and mid-size companies’ insurance brokers are typically paid through commissions. These are paid to the broker by the insurance company you select. Larger companies often set up a fee-based arrangement instead of a commission-based arrangement with their broker or consultant partner.

Can I compare insurance brokers in the Prattville area?

It can feel overwhelming to sift through the many brokers in the Prattville area. It’s why Mployer Advisor provides a free comprehensive list of all Prattville insurance brokers. We include overviews, customer reviews, and our independent rating called an M Score. The higher the M Score, the broader the broker’s experience. With an M Score, you are empowered to choose the best broker for your company.

What is the difference between an insurance broker, agent, and a consultant in Prattville?

Insurance brokers, agents, and consultants in Prattville all have a similar role as they help a business or individual select an insurance company and plan.

You can use Mployer Advisor to find Prattville based insurance brokers and consultants.

Should I hire an independent Prattville insurance broker?

Finding the best insurance for your business can feel intimidating, as there are a lot of options in Prattville. For most organizations, it’s beneficial to hire an independent broker.

An insurance broker local to the Prattville area will have familiarity to the Prattville healthcare systems and insurance plans. This gives Prattville insurance brokers unique insight that others from out of the area may not have. Also, independent insurance brokers are able to quote you prices for your employees from a wider range of insurance carriers and therefore can often find prices and plans that better fit unique needs.

How do I choose a benefits broker in Prattville?

It can feel overwhelming to sift through the many brokers in the Prattville area. That is why Mployer Advisor provides a free comprehensive list of all Prattville insurance brokers. We include overviews, customer reviews, and our independent rating called an M Score.

Can I change my insurance broker?

If you are currently working with a broker, it’s important to know that you can always change your insurance broker. Even if you’re happy with your broker, it’s a good idea to evaluate Prattville-based insurance brokers often.

If you do not feel like you as a business are not receiving the right price or level of service you deserve, you should evaluate a new insurance broker. Mployer Advisor provides a free list of Prattville based insurance brokers and consultants for you to review including customer ratings and independent scores.

Will my insurance broker handle my insurance claims?

Insurance brokers in Prattville do not specifically handle claims, that is the role of your insurance carrier. Your insurance broker can help you navigate the claims process if needed, especially for large and or questionable claims.

Do all Prattville brokers have an M Score?

We work hard to ensure every M Score is accurate, helpful, and pushes the insurance brokerage industry to be open and transparent. It’s calculated using a brokerage's breadth and depth of experience across industries, employer sizes, and offerings. An industry-first, the M Score is available for most Prattville-based brokers and more are being added every day.

When is the best time to shop for a new insurance broker?

Making the right insurance choice saves money, helps retain the best employees, and can prevent unforeseen costs. An insurance broker is an invaluable asset so the best time to shop for a new Prattville-area insurance broker is earlier than you think. Extra time helps identify the skills and capabilities expected of your ideal broker, lets you understand how different brokers deliver different results, and gives you the ability to use neutral third-party tools like Mployer Advisor to evaluate broker options.

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