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Understand the Fees & Commissions Going to Your Insurance Broker

With our insurance commission calculator, you can better understand how the fees and commissions you pay your insurance broker compare to similar companies.

Insurance brokerage compensation can be made up of fees, commissions and bonuses from insurance companies. Make sure you know how much you are being charged and that your incentives align.

You may hear a broker say, “It doesn’t matter to me, I make the same no matter who you choose.” That is not accurate. Brokers are most often paid “supplemental compensation” by carriers and annual incentives. Make sure all compensation is disclosed to you.

Are your broker fees and commissions competitive for your industry and company size?

To find out, use Mployer Advisor’s insurance broker fee and commission calculator. With this tool, you can compare your broker costs to what companies similar to you are paying. Get your insurance broker commission calculation below.


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Know the Facts About Insurance Broker Commissions & Fees

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    Understand the difference between “commissions," “fees” and “supplemental compensation.” All compensation is to be disclosed to you, the employer. Ask detailed questions.

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    For those with <100 employees, your insurance broker commission ranges will vary from state to state. Know your broker is paid both a commission as well as supplemental bonuses from insurance carriers. Make sure you know and ask your broker how they are being compensated.

Key Drivers of Cost Variation

Does your broker provide:

  • Enrollment services
  • Wellness services
  • Other educational offerings
  • Other benefit offerings
  • Multiple P&C Offerings

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