Overall unemployment rate moved down to 2.4% with the biggest shift in Government, which gained 1,500 roles, based on the most recently available information published in November 2022.

Total employment in the Duluth, MN-WI market rose by 938 jobs in September and the unemployment rate decreased compared to the prior month by 50 bps to 2.4%. The national unemployment rate decreased by 47 bps over the same time to 3.3%.

  • Duluth, MN-WI unemployment rate is 92 bps below the national rate which is a positive sign.
  • Unemployment in the market is 60 bps below the unemployment rate in the market last year at this time, which is a positive.
  • Average wages (per hour) grew in September versus prior month by 4.4% and are up compared to last year at this time in the market.
Month over Month Unemployment Change
Year over Year Unemployment Change
Duluth, MN-WI Unemployment September 2022

For key employment segments of the market, total jobs grew by 0.5% . Key sectors include:

  • Education & Healthcare: 31,200; +300
  • Transportation & Utilities: 24,200; -500
  • Government: 23,400; +1,500
  • Restaurants & Hotels: 14,700; -400
  • Construction, Mining: 11,600; no change
  • Business Services: 8,400; -100
  • Manufacturing: 8,400; -100
  • Other Jobs: 6,000; -100
  • Financial Services: 5,000; no change
Duluth, MN-WI Unemployment by Industry September 2022

Data is based on the most recent 12 months available, through September 2022 (Data published November 2022 and reports created on November 2, 2022).  Source: Government data agency and locally acquired statistics.

Note: All reported data is not seasonally adjusted.