Overall unemployment rate moved down to 2.7% with the biggest shift in Government, which lost 500 roles, based on the most recently available information published in August 2022.

Total employment in the Bangor, ME market declined by 207 jobs in July and the unemployment rate decreased compared to the prior month by 20 bps to 2.7%. The national unemployment rate decreased by 5 bps over the same time to 3.8%.

  • Bangor, ME unemployment rate is 108 bps below the national rate which is a positive sign.
  • Unemployment in the market is 190 bps below the unemployment rate in the market last year at this time, which is a positive.
  • Average wages (per hour) grew in July versus prior month by 8.5% and are up compared to last year at this time in the market.
Month over Month Unemployment Change
Year over Year Unemployment Change
Bangor, ME Unemployment July 2022

For key employment segments of the market, total jobs grew by 0.3% . Key sectors include:

  • Education & Healthcare: 15,900; +200
  • Transportation & Utilities: 14,100; +200
  • Government: 11,700; -500
  • Business Services: 8,000; no change
  • Restaurants & Hotels: 7,100; +200
  • Construction, Mining: 4,000; +100
  • Manufacturing: 2,500; no change
  • Other Jobs: 2,400; no change
  • Financial Services: 2,300; no change
  • IT & Development: 700; no change
Bangor, ME Unemployment by Industry July 2022

Data is based on the most recent 12 months available, through July 2022 (Data published August 2022 and reports created on September 2, 2022).  Source: Government data agency and locally acquired statistics.

Note: All reported data is not seasonally adjusted.