Salary Benchmarking for Your Industry and Location

Easily find salary benchmarks for different occupations and locations with Mployer Advisor's salary benchmarking tool. See the median salary, average labor force, mean hourly wage and more to better understand compensation in your market. Our interactive tool allows you to filter by occupation, state and city in order to find the information you need. Using this data, employers can make sure they're offering fair and competitive compensation. Explore Mployer Advisor's salary benchmarking tool today.

Salary Benchmarking Tool

Use Mployer Advisor's salary benchmarking tool to explore compensation benchmarks for your location and industry. Filter by occupation, state, and/or city to find the salary benchmarks and workforce information relevant to your business.


Additional Benchmarking Resources

In addition to our salary benchmarking tool, Mployer Advisor offers the following resources for employers and HR professionals:

Link to unemployment dashboard page

Link to insurance broker commission calculator

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