Earlier this week, an exclusive thought leadership piece penned by Mployer Advisor Founder & CEO Brian Freeman was published in Employee Benefits News (EBN), the primary media resource for more than 300,000 decision-makers in the worlds of employee benefits, human resources and workplace culture.


In his article titled “4 Red Flags to Look for When Selecting an Insurance Broker,” Freeman discusses how overwhelming the process of selecting a new insurance broker can feel, especially in such a densely populated market. Freeman also reminds readers that whom an employer chooses to partner with is critically important and determines the cost and quality of the benefits package.


Freeman writes: “Selecting the right benefits package and best health insurance plan are decisions that must be made carefully to ensure employee satisfaction and to remain competitive in hiring, with a focus on cost. For employers, the path throughout a buyer’s journey can feel convoluted and complex. To forge an easier way forward, I encourage employers in the process of researching and evaluating brokers to exercise caution.”


So, what are the four red flags to consider with ease when selecting and researching your insurance broker?


Read on to access Freeman’s complete EBN article, and be sure to check out the latest news and industry trends over on the Mployer Advisor blog.