NASHVILLE, TN – May 4, 2021 – Mployer Advisor, the leading independent platform for employers to research, review and evaluate insurance brokers, announced the release of Mployer Insights, an industry-first benchmarking product that provides employers and top insurance advisors micro-targeted benefit benchmarking analytics. Mployer Insights compares an employer’s benefit offering against their peers and competitors within their company size, industry and geography, evaluating over 125 different benefit design options including:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Short- & Long-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Sick, Vacation & Holiday Leave
  • Retirement & Financial Incentives
  • Employee Prioritization

Combining proprietary benefit utilization statistical modeling, with the industry’s largest benefit design and use database, Mployer Insights now enables employers and insurance advisors to understand if their benefit offering is truly a competitive advantage.

Companies invest and spend over $1T on employee benefits each year. Finally, employers have a way to compare their benefit package against others in the market to understand if their benefits are truly a competitive advantage. Mployer Insights is the first analytical tool for employers that provides actionable, micro-targeted information comparing an employer to peers and competitors in their industry, size range and geography. Our intent is to help employers not just attract and retain, but also to motivate and engage their employees with benefits that align to their mission and values,” said Brian Freeman, CEO of Mployer Advisor.

Mployer Insights enables by both employers and insurance advisors to bring greater transparency to the benefit design and buying process—fostering greater trust and confidence across the benefit spectrum. Mployer Insights allows an employer to compare their benefit offering inside of their specific geography, segmented by their industry and employer size. These analytics are designed to be shared with employees so that they can understand and value the benefits provided by their employer, compared to other companies in the same industry, geography and size.

"For employers across the country, Mployer Insights provides a new vehicle for employers and brokers to communicate and understand a benefit plan’s value against the market. This will greatly simplify what has historically been a very complex and opaque process,” said Anthony Waters, SVP of Sales at Mployer Advisor.

CFOs, company presidents, HR directors, managers, and business owners who want to take advantage of the report’s information can download their complimentary copy at no cost for a limited period of time at

You can also download the infographic to get a sneak peak of the report:

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