The University of Wake Forest School of Business recently published an interview with Mployer Advisor Founder and CEO–and UWFSB alumnus–Brian Freeman.  

In the article, Freeman spoke with Stacy Owen, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement, about his transition from a corporate position to founding Mployer Advisor. Specifically, Freeman recalled how his time at the School of Business influenced his path toward entrepreneurship.  

Freeman said,” I loved Bern Beatty and worked on a project with him as a student. I remember meeting with him to review some of the work I’d done. He saw slightly misaligned text, different fonts and font sizes and told me that it was like “showing up to a meeting with dirty fingernails; you can do better.’ I still use that analogy today.” 

Read on to access Freeman’s complete interview with the UWFSB, and be sure to check out the latest news and industry trends on the Mployer Advisor blog.