Negotiating deals with insurance carriers can prove challenging to even the most seasoned of brokers. And while specific tactics may differ depending on the employer’s census, industry, and their working relationship with the carrier, it’s vital that brokers come to the negotiating table with a handful of proven strategies.


In an exclusive thought leadership piece for BenefitsPRO–a top-tier industry news outlet and the #1 online destination for benefits professionals–Mployer Advisor Founder & CEO Brian Freeman highlights four proven techniques for negotiating employee benefits.


Similar to a game of chess, Freeman described why it is imperative for brokers to understand the lay of the land and brainstorm various approaches before making their first move.


In the article, Freeman wrote: “Like chess–with experience and practice–the strategies, tips, and techniques outlined above will harden into instinct. Even so, insurance brokers must continuously work at sharpening and refining their negotiating skills. After all, insurance brokers have significantly more effect on the cost and quality of an employer’s benefit plan than the insurance carriers.”


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