McGriff Insurance Services - Nashville

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A brokerage’s M Score is a proprietary algorithm that scores each brokerage based on experience:

  • Products
  • Industries
  • Employer Sizes
  • Customer feedback
  • Customers

Each category can be up to a few points, the broader the expertise, the higher the score for that item.

Our goal is to create more visibility for employers into broker’s specific experiences and strengths and this is one way of doing that.

If you would like more information on the M Score, please see the section on our website and or the Terms & Conditions.

This broker/brokerage has comprehensive experience across industries, employer sizes and products with a M Score rating above 4.5 placing them in the highest tier of trusted brokers and consultants.
Business Philosophy
Founded in 1922, McGriff Insurance Services is a subsidiary of BB&T Insurance Holdings, Inc. McGriff partners with top payers to provide unparalleled customer experience and strategic approach.
Differentiating Services
McGriff combines a consultative approach with a clear understanding of how and when to deploy their vast resources that span across geographies and subject matters.
Industry Expertise
Finance and Insurance
Finance and Insurance
Recent and Past Clients
First Horizon National Corp
Top Insurance Carriers
The Lincoln National Life, Provident Life And Accident
Contact Info

PO Box 139, Franklin, Tennessee 37202



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