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After celebrating 33 years in the Benefit Industry , I have found that I get no greater satisfaction than partnering with our clients for results ! Its not about us, we really are "Dedicated to You" our clients. As an Alera Group firm we provide fortune 500 service levels and utilize the latest HR and technology to support your objectives. We have an extensive background in fully insured, self funded and contract expertise. We negotiate contracts in your best interest, assist with contribution strategies, vendor ...

Pensacola Florida

Benefits Management Group is an experienced and highly effective company that will provide you with excellent administrative support and prompt, efficient claims service as well as courteous assistance to you and your employees.As an independent insurance agency, we have easy access to the products and services of many insurance companies. This gives us the ability to obtain the best products available at the absolute best prices for whatever insurance coverage is needed. Our innovative benefit solutions help our ...

Meridian Mississippi

Cahaba Benefits Group, LLC is a full service benefits consulting firm serving employer groups and individuals. Our mission is to deliver greater client and employee satisfaction through superior service. The first step in getting affordable quality insurance is picking the right plan. The professionals at Cahaba Benefits Group, LLC assists customers through the process of choosing the best plans for groups and individuals. Our goal is to partner with our clients to design comprehensive and value based benefit pa...

Vestavia Hills Alabama