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New Checklist Tool Guides Employers Through the Stages of Open Enrollment

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Published On: June 30, 2022

With open enrollment season rapidly approaching, it’s time for employers to weigh their benefits selection choices and employee preferences. Taking an early approach will not only prove beneficial to your company, but also will show employees that you care about their well-being and are receptive to feedback and concerns.  


So, what is the best way to communicate with employees and seamlessly guide them through the season? Mployer Advisor has created a new checklist tool, “Employer Checklist: Guide to Open Enrollment,” to help employers strategize and ensure a stress-free open enrollment. 


Mployer Advisor’s complimentary checklist tool guides employers through the following steps: 


Gauge Employee Concerns and Collect Employee Feedback  


Is your company paying for coverage that no one uses? Does your current plan lack the coverage that employees need? These are the types of questions to pose in an employee survey. 


Meet With Your Employee Benefits Broker 


After conducting your survey and considering the demographic needs of your employee population, it’s time to meet with a broker to discuss plan options, funding, insurance products, and open enrollment logistics.  


Implement an Open-Enrollment Communication Strategy 


Nearly one-third of employers have little to no understanding of their healthcare coverage. Help your employees gain confidence in their benefits enrollment options and use a targeted strategy for open enrollment communication.  


The Post-Enrollment Period 


How will you track the success of open enrollment and gauge which employees are taking advantage of the benefits offered? Set goals and track your results by utilizing text and email open rates, site visits, time spent on informational videos, and the percentage of enrollments completed prior to the deadline.  


Craving additional information? Download our complimentary checklist “Employer Checklist: Guide to Open Enrollment” tool now to learn more. Also, watch our on-demand webinar “Absence Management: How to Manage Employee Leave” for top tips and strategies to consider when designing or auditing leave benefits. 

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