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Best Insurance Brokers in Portland, Oregon

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Published On: January 16, 2023

Are you looking for a new employee benefits broker but don’t know where to start or how to tell a good office from a bad one? Here at Mployer Advisor, we’ve done all the hard work for you.   Employee benefits plans are an integral part of an employee’s compensation package, but choosing the wrong broker could result in costly plans and frustrating communication gaps. Luckily, we have done extensive research to evaluate and score Portland's employee benefits brokers to bring you a list featuring the city's best of the best. 

How Are Brokers Scored? 


We score brokers based on the following metrics:  

1. Breadth and depth of experience across:​ 

  • Employer industries​ 

  • Employer sizes ​ 

  • Insurance products 
  • Digital presence

2. Historical data collected over three years. 

3. Online reviews from employers on our site, the broker’s site, and on the broker’s Google Business Profile.  

4. Mployer Advisor's industry-first M Score rating. An “M Score” is a quantitative rating of each brokerage based on historical data used to gauge business experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction. Brokers can offer products ranging from individual to business and from medical to voluntary benefits. Our goal is to match employers with the best employee benefits brokers that can address each organization's unique needs, including comparing benefits plans by employee size, region, and industry. A solid knowledge base in those areas allows a broker to design customized plans and tailored consulting services. Mployer Advisor uses public and proprietary datasets to weigh experience and customer service to generate each brokerage's M score. 

Why You Can Trust Mployer Advisor 


Transparency is at the heart of our mission at Mployer Advisor. It is our passion and our purpose. We were founded with the intent of disrupting a marketplace that, historically, has resisted transparency and, in some cases, benefited from its absence.  


We believe that employers deserve to find the best benefits and insurance plans to meet their company's unique needs at a competitive price. By bringing together best-in-class data, thousands of broker customer reviews, and the industry's first brokerage rating–the M Score–our team delivers unparalleled transparency to employers and recognizes top brokers across the nation. 


Our goal is for every employer to find the best insurance broker or consultant to match their unique needs–empowering employer choice through data-driven transparency and industry-leading tools is just the first step. 

The Best Insurance Brokers in Portland


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